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IEEE Annals of the History of Computing

The following link takes you to the Smithsonian Institute and a transcript of their interview with Pres. If you don't read anything else read this:
Interview with J. Presper Eckert

Eckert John

This link takes you to a "mirror" site to this one. It's created and hosted by The University of Pennsylvania:
John W. Mauchly
and the Development of the ENIAC Computer

This story by Martin H. Weik first appeared in January-February 1961 issue of ORDNANCE Magazine. The analogies from the "life" of ENIAC to the machine on your desk are uncanny:
The ENIAC Story

ENIAC the 42nd most important event of the 20th Century?:
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ENIAC The Army-Sponsored Revolution

Early Computers (1946-51)

UNIVAC - Inventors 06-23-98

The Computer Museum History Center Home Page

History of Computers

Here's a comprehensive and well organized list of links related to the development of computing technology:
History of Computers
A Resource List For Students and Educators



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