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In going through Pres' stuff I came across allot of awards. There are about 70 or so in the collection along with associated certificates and newspaper clippings, etc. I never knew about these awards. In all of the time I had  known Pres and his family they never came up in conversation. I never saw any of them, except one, the National Medal of Science which he kept in his den, the certificate that came with it was hanging on the wall nearby. The rest were all stored in the attic. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more that we don't even know about.

When you add in all of the speeches he gave and keys to cities he received he must have been a busy man, going to dinner meetings and awards ceremonies something like once a month on average for years. Many of the  awards were presented to him (and Mauchly), by organizations comprised of his peers, such as the Franklin Institute, the ACM, IEEE, The Moore School, etc. These were people who understood and were grateful for what he and Mauchly had accomplished.

Here's a sample:

Pott's Medal Certificate.JPG (64108 bytes)  Harry Goode Award.jpg (18175 bytes) Poire Award.JPG (15397 bytes) Galery of Distinguished Alumni.JPG (52583 bytes) Modern Pioneers Award.JPG (19778 bytes) Philly Award.JPG (20242 bytes) Pioneers of Industry  Award.JPG (32851 bytes) Signed Page Pa Award for Excellence.JPG (65830 bytes) founders.jpg (32043 bytes) Key to SF.JPG (16439 bytes) National Medal of Science.JPG (19214 bytes) 

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