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The Last Page

Dr. J. Presper Eckert with an Abacus

The sale at Skinner's wasn't my only motivation for creating this site. After going through all of Pres' stuff I felt the need to share some of it with as many people as possible, and what better way than using the very technology that he created in 1946 and has been exploding ever since. When you study the details you can see that ENIAC was the demarking point, the quantum jump, the inspiration. I hope to expand this site and keep it posted on the internet as testament to Pres and his partner John Mauchly in gratitude for showing us the way.

Dr. J. Presper Eckert died on June 3, 1995. He is buried at Valley Forge Memorial Gardens in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Every year, on that date his son John and I  have stopped by for a visit to pay our respects. This photo was taken on the first anniversary of his death. It is as we found it.

Dan McGrath

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